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Feyland Productions
School Assemblies  

"Tea with Edgar Allan Poe"


Spend time with the infamous writer and poet and hear a selection of readings of his famous works of

"The Tell-tale Heart," "Annabel Lee,"  "The Raven"

and more!


Meet "Mr. Poe" in a Q&A afterwards. This is an exciting way for your students to experience Edgar Allan Poe: the method, the madness, the brilliance of Poe!  

Suitable for Grade 6 - 12

Show running time: 40 minutes

Virtual Price: $300.00 Two Virtual Shows: $500

Live Price (CA Only) $500

Not in school but would still like to see the show? 

Check out our Patreon page!


"Story Time with Alice"

By Lewis Carroll

Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice as she reads parts of Lewis Carroll's classic story. Students will be enthralled with visual images of children's drawings on a video screen. Have your students become part of the reading and creative experience by coloring or drawing during the reading. Students are inspired to read and be creative with the opportunity of submitting their work to be used in a future production.  

Suitable for Grades K - 5

Running time 40 minutes with Q n A

Virtual Price: $300.00 Two Virtual Shows: $500

Live Price (CA Only) $500

Not in school but would still like to see our "Bedtime Stories with Alice" performance? 

Check out our Patreon page!


Alice and Dinah filtered.png

Shakespeare's Character Readings 


Pre-select Shakespeare's monologues and/or Sonnets.  Costumed characters include: 

Titania from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Puck from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Juliet from "Romeo and Juliet" 

or Ophelia from "Hamlet" 

Add depth to your school curriculum by allowing your students to experience a reading from a professional performer. Live Q&A discussion to follow.

Running time approximately 45 minutes

Suitable for Grades 6 - 12

Performance live on Zoom

Virtual Price: $300.00 In-person Price: $500



I Dare You

High School Assembly

Meet the author of the highly anticipated book in this sneak preview reading of "Queen of the Nerds." 

Listen to the author read from an excerpt of her stunning book. Engage your students afterwards in an live discussion about the book's topics:  bullying, teen friendship, dating rules, societal pressure and more.  

Book now and receive a free signed copy for your school library.  


Reading and discussion via Zoom

Running time approximately 45 minutes

Price: $550.00


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