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Reviews for "Tea with Edgar Allan Poe"

"Sit down, turn up the fire, grab a warm drink and a blanket, and cozy up for a few "yarns" by the Master of Terror himself, Edgar Allan Poe.  Poe, skillfully and completely inhabited with passion by Reverie Fey, reads you his eerie, famous stories just as you would expect him to: with commitment, images, chills, and a twinkle in his eye.  Fey floats easily from story to story, throwing in historic bits from Poe's own life, and infuses Poe with charm, intelligence, and humor.  A true labor of love, and a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Your students will love this!"


Tara Battani Bowles

Village Christian Middle School California

Drama/Speech teacher


"Don't miss having Tea with Edgar Allan Poe, and be sure to bring your kids along.  Ms. Fey perfectly blends horror and humor in a Gothic delight sure to convince kids that reading -- even without pictures and superheroes -- is one of life's great joys.  At the end of the day, the imagination is the best film maker, and Poe one of the great storytellers. Ms. Fey is just the icing on an eerily delicious cake."


Mary Jane Ross

Chaffey College English Professor, California

author of Sinatra and Me, Scribner May 2021


"It was very enjoyable listening to the reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories, read by Poe himself. This creative way of reading the stories via Zoom made it very engaging and fun."

Rowan, 17 years old, North Carolina


"Tea with Edgar Allan Poe is a great introduction into the works of Poe. The readings of my favorite works of Poe are mixed with information about Poe’s life. Reverie Fey does an amazing job of bringing Poe to life and creates a window into the world that influenced one of the America’s greatest authors. I look forward to sharing this wonderful performance with my students.”


John Ogden,

Vice Principal,

Livingston High School, Livingston, Texas

"Feyland Productions has produced a true treat for readers and teachers in “Tea with Edgar Allan Poe”. Poe himself narrates “The Tell-tale Heart” and “The Raven” and offers auto-biographical tidbits grounding Poe in the history of his contemporaries and establishing particularly his humanity. Focus expectations and whet your readers’ appetites for early American writers with Reverie Fey as the melancholy Master of Terror, Edgar Allan Poe."


Lynn LaShawn Mauser


Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Austin, TX


“I normally hate classical literature and when my middle school student, who is currently being homeschooled was scheduled to watch Tea with Edgar Allan Poe, I thought it would be boring. Wow, was I surprised! Hearing “Mr. Poe” read his own works really brought it to life and I actually learned a lot; not just about his famous work but his life as well. This production really opened my eyes and I learned something. This performance is really going to take off and this Ms. Fey is a very talented performer. Thank you!”


Marilyn K, parent and PTA member, Oregon

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