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I couldn’t believe I never noticed this guy following me. “I’ve been following you in the halls for weeks. I thought for sure you noticed me smiling back at you.” Not only did Jerome know my schedule, he knew the route to all my classes. He had dates of reference as to the times I smiled at him, or saw him as I passed by. But I didn’t recall any of them. “I’ve even checked out your classes to see where you sit and who you talk to.” I wasn’t sure if I should feel flattered or freaked out. 


Set in the Piney woods of Texas, Queen of the Nerds is the story of Brandi, a high school freshman and Jerome a running back on the varsity football team who relentlessly pursues her. Despite her initial misgivings, Brandi succumbs to the pressure of her family and fellow cheerleaders and agrees to date the handsome “new guy.” The suffocating relationship escalates to sexual assault, hospitalization and the condemnation of her peers.

You will want to hand this book to every young adult you know. 

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