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Queen of the Nerds

"Despite the heartbreaking and harrowing events, this book will make you laugh more than you would expect.  But most of all it will inspire you to live your life without fear.”

--  Sean McConville, 

writer/director, England

This high school story can resonate with everyone in a way because everyone has been there. I couldn't put this brave page-turner down."  


--  Gabriel,

18 years old,  Texas

"I cried, laughed and became enraged while reading this, but no matter how bad things get, there is always a better tomorrow.”          


--  Julie, 

mother of two and producer, North Carolina

“A compelling story  of a teenaged girl surviving a horrifying type of verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Her words are beautifully executed and empowering. This incredible book will change your point of view about dating, consent and societal pressure on teenagers.

--  Lisa Caldwell, 

mother of three and actress, LA

A Young Adult Memoir 
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