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“It is a very brave story, and as a high school student myself, it really resonated with me, even as a male. I think it can resonate with everyone in a way, dealing with high school, because everyone has been there. I really felt like I was watching the book in my head like a movie. I couldn’t put this page-turner down because I felt like I knew the person I was reading about, and the way thoughts were laid out was so intriguing."

--  Gabriel, 18 years old,  Texas

"I believe that everything happens for a reason and is somehow part of a bigger plan. Writing our stories and letting the world know the time for change has come is the start of a movement. A movement of empowerment that takes victims and makes them survivors."

--  Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf,

author of One Voice Raised, A Triumph Over Rape  


“I had the privilege to hear Ms. Fey read a chapter from her stunning book at a writer’s salon in Los Angeles.  She stopped the packed house with her words—that were simultaneously razor-sharp witty and heartbreaking.  This is a special person and a unique writer.  I'm looking forward to hearing her audiobook!”

--  Todd Klick,

Bestselling author of Something Startling Happens: The 120 Story Beats Every Writer Needs To Know 


“This story is an incredible, powerful, and courageous story of a young girl who survives a tragic event in her childhood, but regardless, goes on to live her life and pursue her dreams with strength, courage, and conviction.  Despite the heartbreaking and harrowing events, this book will make you laugh more than you would expect.  But most of all it will inspire you to live your life without fear.”

--  Sean McConville,

writer/director, England

“AMAZING!  A great story about rape and sexism in our culture.  This is about so many of us women growing up into our sexuality.  It's far too common a situation. You'd think that our culture would be beyond these archaic social stigmas but we aren't.  Stereotypes into the old 'women are weak, men are dominant' dynamic, just perpetuates the abuse on women.  I think this is a great story for teenage girls to read and discuss.  Great Topic!”

--  Christine,

Marriage and Family Therapist and mother, Utah

“There are so many people that can relate and so many others whose eyes need to be opened.  Although the book contains the events of a horrific tragedy, it is truly a tale of bravery and survival. I cried, laughed and became enraged while reading this, but it also made me realize that no matter how bad things get, there is always the possibility for a better tomorrow.”          

--  Julie,

mother of two, Texas

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